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For greater transparency accreditation data are published. The Accreditation Council provides detailed information on currently accredited study programmes in its central database and publishs aggregate statistics.

Central Database

All study programmes awarded the quality seal of the Accreditation Council after completed accreditation are published in the → Central database of the Accreditation Council. This includes study programmes accredited as part of system accreditation.

The database offers information on the profil, accreditation period and assessment of a study programme as well as the experts involved. By linking the database with the Higher Education Compass of the German Rectors' Conference further information are available.

The accreditation data is entered and updated in the database by the certified agencies. The data sets are released after being formally audited by the head office of the Accreditation Council.

Link Central database of the Accreditation Council

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Systems accredited

Study programmes accredited as part of system accreditation are listed in the →  database of the Accreditation Council.



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Statistics on study programmes accredited